Coffee with Authors: A Google Hangout on Air

So, I took Katie Davis’s Video Idiot Bootcamp course to try to learn how to market to a YA audience who loves videos. Big learning curve on so many levels. But, we have to start somewhere, and here at Routines for Writers, we are all about finding routines that make our writing and marketing lives easier.

After taking the class, I planned to make one new video a month. At the end of the year, I would have twelve videos that would continue to work for me 24/7. That sounded doable. And I am mostly on track to achieve that goal. Sometimes I go 6 weeks between videos. Some of my videos are time-specific, like my newsletter contest that is now over.

I meant to try a variety of videos–webcam; stock photo/video; cartoon, but because of time crunches, ended up with mostly videos of me talking, and one dynamic slide-show type video. Now that my debut month is over, I hope to have more time to try these other kinds of videos.

And always, at the back of my mind, I was trying to think about a routine for content. What could I do to routinely make videos?? So, I came up with this idea: Coffee with Authors, a Google Hangout on Air event.

A Google Hangout on Air is a video conference that is broadcast live, so anyone can watch, and is then recorded to your YouTube channel. You don’t have to have extra screen-capture software as Google takes care of it for you. You can have up to ten people on air with you, although when there are more than two, I think you need to use external microphones to keep out the echoes.

Here is my first Coffee with Authors. I’m hoping the more I do, the more relaxed and natural it will become. Debut YA author Ashlee Willis was a good sport about being my first guinea pig!  I get her talking about painting fairy/gnome doors on trees and she gets me talking about a not-official announcement.

Have you tried a Google On Air? Any do’s and don’ts I should know about?


New iPod Routine

I’ve just got to tell you about my new writing routine. It combines one of my favorite things—learning about writing—with one of my least favorite—cooking/cleaning in the kitchen.

Let’s back up to July when I signed up for a free webinar: “Translating Rejection Letter Lingo: What To Do about a ‘Flat’ Story.” The webinar was part of Deborah Halverson book launch for Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies. She conducted the webinar with author/illustrator Katie Davis.

By participating in the webinar, I landed on Katie’s email list.

Now, Katie is a picture book author. So after a few newsletters that I didn’t bother to open—because Katie is a picture book author and I’m a novelist in training—I decided I better unsubscribe and clear out my inbox. BUT, I decided to  read one before unsubscribing.

So. Glad. I. Did.

There was this brief mention of Katie’s podcast Brain Burps About Books. I made a note of it and went on my merry way. *Did not unsubscribe because I wanted another reminder if I forgot about the podcast.*

Eventually the podcast made its way to my iPod. And I finally got around to giving it a listen.

Wow! These are great. She is so funny and personable, and she’s had some really good guests on air. Not just picture book people! Middle grade and YA authors included. (And general marketing tips for you grown-up writers!)

Anyways, all that to say my cooking sessions have gotten a lot more interesting for me thanks to my iPod and Brain Burps. You might want to check it out too!