Author Crush

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Every February for four years we invited our favorite authors to share their writing routines with us. Here is the archive. Lots of good tidbits here!

February 2012

Week 1

James Scott Bell–Self Publishing

Cat Weatherill–Writing as a Storyteller

Week 2

Art Holcomb–The Continuum of Story

Jacqueline Diamond–Judging a Book by its Cover

Stephanie S. Sanders–Writing with Inspiration

Week 3

Debra Holland–Debra Holland Looks Back At Her Self-Publishing Journey in 2011

Gail Carson Levine–Quirks

Week 4

P.J. Sharon–Self Publishing

Nancy Rue–Creating Emotion on the Page


February 2011

Week 1

Janice Cantore–Of Book Contracts and Writing Routines

Larry Brooks–My Top Three Favorite Writing Tips of All Time

Janice Hardy–First in Line

Week 2

Justine Toh–Write on Demand

Erin Bow–Writing: Make a Space for It

Week 3

Kathleen Wright–The Grace Note

Mitchell Bonds–Finish the story, Control your Environment, and Cheese.

Brad Zockoll–Writing Habits

Week 4

Kathy Tyers–Calendar Goals

Jackina Stark–My Kingdom for a Routine!

Shanna Swendson–Finding Time to Write

February 2010

Week 1

Sarah Prineas–Writing Routines

Tosca Lee–My Routine

Zilpha Keatley Snyder–My Rules for Writing?

Week 2

Jeff Gerke–American Idol Meets Fiction Publishing

Marin Thomas–The Loosey-Goosey Writing Routine

Karen Cushman–Writing Routines

Week 3

Julie Garwood–My Writing Routine

Jacqueline Diamond–Tips That Keep Me Sane

Lois Lowry–The Desk

Week 4

Donna Lot–Avoidance and Procrastination are NOT the Best Routine

Pamela Britton–Writing Full Time

Laurraine Snelling–Routines

Liz Curtis Higgs–Writing Routines

February 2009

Week 1

Randy Ingermanson–That Pesky Goal-Setting

Kathleen Damp Wright–I’ve Gotta Love It

Angela Hunt–Writing Routines

Week 2

James Scott Bell–The John Huston Secret

Mitali Perkins–Long Showers, Lattes, and Permission to Fail

Week 3

Janet Elaine Smith–Routines For Writers?

Janet Scott Batchler–On Procrastination and Deadlines

Michael Buckley–Routines for Writers

Week 4

Jennifer Lyon–Start to Finish

Gennifer Choldenko–Writer’s Routine