Routines For Writers is the joint effort of three novelists. We invite you to join our ongoing journey toward increased productivity, creativity, and success.


Stephanie's close-upStephanie Shackelford was creating stories long before she could read. As a teen, she started writing them down. As a young adult, she sent some out, only to be rejected. Never published, but constantly creating new stories, she eventually discovered a marvelous writer’s group and met Kitty and Shonna. Even though life and family and dark times have derailed her quest for publication, she IS a writer. Join her here as she shares her struggles and successes.  You just might be inspired.

Shonna caricature from ALA



Shonna Slayton views her writing life in terms of before and after. Before kids she was writer/editor for a curriculum publisher while merrily penning freelance articles on the side. After kids she is a homeschooling mom writing children’s novels in her not-so-spare time. Shonna’s debut novel, Cinderella’s Dress is now available from Entangled TEEN. You can learn more at website: ShonnaSlayton.com and follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ShonnaSlayton




Kitty Bucholtz writes light urban fantasy novels, romance novels, magazine articles and, really, anything that comes to mind. She completed her Master of Arts in Creative Writing in June 2011, and self-published her first novel, Little Miss Lovesick, in September 2011. She’s currently working on her next romantic comedy, Love at the Fluff N Fold.

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