Arise and Dream!

This blog has been silent a long time. It’s about to wake up.

I (Stephanie) disappeared (as opposed to Kitty and Shonna who just relocated) and stayed away much longer than I’d planned. I ran into my scaredy-hole, created a tunnel network down there and am having a hard time finding my way out. Reigniting this blog is just one way I’m re-entering the online world. (If you are interested in my personal journey, you’ll probably get more information faster by visiting Stephanie’s Musings.)

Briefly, my husband and I separated and divorced five years ago. I was buried in the pieces of my broken life and dreams. In the process of picking up those pieces, I decided to return to college. The past four years have been an intense, overwhelming, healing, stretching, challenging, I’m-not-going-to-make-it adventure (torture?). I finally graduated in December (2015) with a a BS in Graphic Design, and a Communications minor.

The self-doubt and lack of confidence and just plain I-don’t-fit anywhere-what-do-I-think-I’m-doing-what-could-I-possibly-do-that-matters feelings have pommelled me since graduation. I’ve alternated between being convinced I’m not really qualified to do anything (regardless of that degree) and glaring down those doubts and trampling them with physical proof (like the degree). All that angsty feeling results in a lot of procrastination. (Anyone else get frozen when their emotions go dark?)

It is well past time to stick my head out of my scaredy-hole and re-engage with my dreams. So here I am. Not sure my dreams are the same as before. (How could the be? I’m a different person.) Whatever they are, it’s time to explore, re-discover and re-ignite them.

One of my biggest dreams is to write, to craft stories and share anecdotes that bring life into such clear focus that those who read are encouraged, enlightened and inspired. Thus, it makes sense this blog would be a starting point for re-igniting my dreams.

We started this blog to encourage other writers on this journey. Restarting it will help me find my way back to the writing path and hopefully continue the task of encouraging others. I look forward to reconnecting with RFW readers and gaining new ones!

See you in the next post!