Better Butter

          Late again! At least this week I didn’t completely forget. 🙂 My schedule is full and overflowing with assignments, projects, research papers and classes. Everything else is getting shoved into a corner for later.

          One day as I mulled over all the pressures in my life and considered setting one or more aside (ie drop a course or two), I had a revelation. As is typical for me, that revelation came as an illustration, in this instance that of making butter. Making butter is a process. First you whip up the cream. Eventually, the cream separates and the fat lumps together. The next step is to press out the water, or whey. Over and over the butter is pressed with a flat object to remove the water. Even after all the water seems to be pressed out, letting the butter rest for a short time often allows even more water to separate. Butter with water still in it may still be usable, but is not as palatable.

          I decided I am the butter. I will “stay in the press”. 🙂 It’s already paying off in so many ways. My confidence level has soared. My focus has sharpened. I’m learning and demonstrating skill in new areas of life and school. Probably most significant, at least here, is the renewal of my writing ability. The pressure, particularly of research papers, is focusing and pulling (pressing?) out well-articulated thoughts as well as re-establishing almost-forgotten writing habits. In the process, unproductive assumptions and habits are being jettisoned While I may not enjoy all the pressure, I am more than grateful for it and relish what I’m learning and “the butter” that is being produced.

          What are the pressures of your life developing in you? What “better butter” is being produced.

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