Juggling My Options

         Argh! I did it again. I thought all my “plates” were juggling in sync only to watch in dismay as some come crashing toward the floor. This week’s blog post is one of them. (My upcoming algebra test and English Comp paper are others.)

          As you may have surmised from Kitty’s post on Monday, we are discussing options this week (within the broader topic of Taking Control of our writing life). Every one of us has options. At times our options seem limited, but usually those limits can also point to new possibilities and opportunities. Such is the case in the publishing world at this time. This article by David Vinjamuri on the rising use of epublishing is full of examples and references to the different opportunities available to authors today and the shifting business models those options are creating. I hope it is as interesting and encouraging to you as it was to me.

          Now, please excuse me while I go catch my “plates” and toss them back into the air.

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