Forgive me. Please! I didn’t really forget this blog . . . I just forgot what day it was. Blame it on end of the semester mind-mush. I’m in the last week of classes, preparing for finals. ( And I felt so caught up yesterday. )

          This morning I was mentally running through my list of things to do. I thought, “I need to finish up that blog post and upload it sometime today.” Then it hit me. Today is Wednesday! Oh, no! Wednesdays are non-stop activity from the moment my feet hit the floor. There was no way I could finish the post and upload it. As it is, in order to get this apology written, I had to skip the few minutes walking with friends time that I try to steal each Wednesday morning before the day’s sprint begins.

          I apologize and promise to be back next week. (Maybe I’ll have slowed down. One can hope.) Have a blessed Wednesday!

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