NaNoWriMo meets Flylady

To understand this new blog there are two key words you need to know: NaNoWriMo and Flylady.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could do Nano all year round?” began the conversation.

Nanowrimo is the website that challenges writers to write a novel in one month. You kill yourself trying to do it, but in the end you’ve got a novel. Last November the three of us dove in. Kitty and Stephanie both completed the challenge with over 50,000 words. I think I came in just under 17,000. Note: That counts as a novel for me since I’m writing children’s books!  Really, it does.  And I’m not even jealous of all the work they managed to do.


However, Nano is too intense. No one could survive 12 months of Nano.


Flylady is the website that helps homemakers set up cleaning routines to make housekeeping automatic. The idea is, once you’ve got your routines down, the house seems to take care of itself. Flylady is famous for “baby steps” and “you can do anything for 15 minutes.”

So, introducing Nano (getting words on paper) to Flylady (setting up routines) you get Routines for Writers! Setting up your writing routines so that the words seem to take care of themselves. Wouldn’t that be great?

The three of us have spent the last two years or so helping each other get more written. My NaNo novel has grown by many thousand words and I’m preparing to send it out to agents.

Some of my background? Well, in my LBK (life before kids) I was a working writer. I wrote computer help files and educational software content. On the side I sold (a small number) of articles to teen mags. My dream has always been novels. Now that my kiddos can keep themselves busy long enough for me to put two coherent thoughts together, I’m working on the dream.

Are you with us? Let’s encourage each other to keep our fingers on the keyboard.





3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo meets Flylady”

  1. FlyLady is so very honored to be included on this BLOG. We wish you the very best in your writing. This is the year FlyLady has encouraged you to Dream Big.

    We will be cheering you on!!!

  2. You know, I only recently learned that FLY in FlyLady means Finally Love Yourself. More than ever, I think your comparison is apt – finally love yourself enough to get your words down on paper!

  3. Shonna,
    You have inspired me. I have been working on non-fiction – I mean, I have the contract and I’ve made the sale – but I need to get back to fiction once again. Like you, children’s fiction is my favorite. Tell us a little bit about your novel! America wants to know.

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